Posted: 4/23/20
Updated: 4/23/20

GO/NOGO Gauges

These are called by many different names: GO/NOGO; GO/NO-GO; GO/HI; GO/LO; GO/Not-GO; to display a few. I prefer GO/NOGO, but my opinion counts for nothing in the world of ideas. All these terms refer to the same concept. This is a two-gage pass-fail system for quick acceptance of parts.

GO Gage

The GO part of the gage system is designed to test the part’s MMC (Maximum Material Condition) as a whole and in a complete test of the part. Very simply, if the GO gauge goes, the part can be considered GOOD per the GO portion of the test.


The NOGO part of the gage system is designed to test the LMC (Least Material Condition) of only one feature of the part. There are many features on most parts, but usually only one critical feature need be tested to assure compliance to the part requirements. If a part is complicated and there is a reason, there could be many NOGO gauges made for one part. NOGO Gages do not test more than one feature at time.

We have information on our technical site which can answer many of your questions, or you can contact us, and we will talk you through the selection process for your GO/NOGO Gages. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.