Posted: 4/24/20
Updated: 4/24/20

Screw Thread Plug Gages

Plug Gauges can be made for different applications. The largest use of plug gages is to test cylindrical/plain diametrical surfaces. Less common uses of plug gauges are those used for spline and hex testing. Between these two extremes are screw thread plug gages, which are the specialty of Gage Crib Worldwide Inc.

Screw thread plug gauges are used to test external screw threads to assure that they are interconnectable with the same size internal thread, regardless if the two pieces are made by different manufacturers. Screw thread plug gauges generally have improved the use of screw threads worldwide.

The trick with screw thread plug gages is to have them in the correct size for the application. Often there are options for what would be considered a common size. Many times a post manufacturing coating will require a special Before Coating Screw thread plug gauge. Regardless of your application, the experts at Gage Crib Worldwide Inc. can assist you in determining the correct gauge for your job.

We have information on our technical site which can answer many of your questions, or you can contact us, and we will talk you through the selection process for your Screw Thread Plug Gages. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.