Our Mission

We function like purchasing agents, who work for you, who specialize in thread gauging. When you request a gage, we search for and then quote some of the market’s lowest prices and shortest lead-times. If you order, the gage drop-ships directly to you. We want to help make your life easier, save your valuable time and improve your company’s profitability.

Best Gages - Best Prices

We take the headache out of searching for the “right gage at the right price.” Request a Ring or Plug screw thread gauge from us and we will give you the market’s lowest prices and shortest lead times.

We specialize in screw thread measurement tools, gages and services, like hard to find Acme, API, Before-Coating, Before-Plate, Buttress, British, Knuckle, Left Hand, Light-Bulb, Medical, Metric, Oilfield, Pipe, Trapezoidal and other gauges.

We have extensive knowledge and information about new, used, and reworked gages. We know about British Standard gauges (full form or modified), Gage calibration (Long Form Certified, ISO 17025 Accredited), Thread comparators (tri-roll style gauges), GO and NOGO ring and plug gages, Gauge repair (thread rings only), Thread wires (and holders), Thread Engineering Software, Spline and Medical Small Bore Connector (Luer) gages and reference connectors.

We make it our business to make your life easier, save you time and help you increase profits. Contact us so we can assist you in your screw thread gauge selection process. Or look through our informative website to find answers to your questions; or raise more questions. We are here to help you fine the exact screw thread gage you need.

Our Sales Team

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What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike your local Industrial Distributor who sells just a couple of screw thread gage brands, and thousands of other things; we focus on screw thread measurement tools and services. The sales team are experts on locating the right GO/NOGO screw thread gauges for your specific special application. We search multiple screw thread gage manufacturers for you to return the optimum selection of price and lead-time. We often provide gauge offerings from several gauge makers for each item. All you need to do is select the price and lead-time combination which suits your manufacturing schedule and we do the rest.

Unlike many industrial distributors we have heard of Buttress; Trapezoidal; Centralizing Stub-ACME; Whitworth; British Pipe and Knuckle thread types. We know the difference between: American Buttress, British Buttress, and the S-series Buttress; ACME, Stub-ACME, Centralizing ACME, and Centralizing Stub-ACME. If you are looking for a more difficult screw thread gauge; for example a Buttress GO/NOGO Screw Thread Plug Gage, or a Centralizing Stub-ACME GO/NOGO Ring Gauge; our Sales Team efficiently searches the gage makers whom specialize in these product lines. Our Sales Team knows which screw thread gauge makers may have that odd screw thread gage sitting on their shelf or which has production capacity to spare to get a gauge out quickly.

Unlike some gage makers we can work with you to develop a hybrid screw thread measurement system which pulls parts from both Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems and GO/NOGO (Hard) Screw Thread Gauge Systems. If you have special screw thread measurement problems; tell us about them. We likely have seen the problem before and can smoothly point you to the screw thread measurement system which will give you the best screw thread measurement solutions. The solutions may include changing you to a Carbide or Ceramic Screw Thread Work Plug Gage; or incorporating a Variable Internal Screw Thread Measurement System. We have some proven hybrid solutions which even combine standard Ring and Plug Screw Thread Gauges with Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems. We endeavor to offer the tools to make your production smoother and your profit greater.

Unlike some industrial distributors our Sales Team deeply understands Cylindrical measurement. When it comes to Cylindrical Smooth Plain Gauges, whether Pin Gages, Plug Gauges or Ring Gages, the sales staff knows where to go to get the best price for your Master, or GO, or NOGO gauges. In short order they will check the major Cylindrical Gauge Makers in the USA and return to you with some price options based on your production schedule driven needs. If the application has critical and has very fine tolerances; we can get you an Air Gage System to meet that requirement.

AMTMA Member

The American Measuring Tool Manufacturers Association (AMTMA) stands for serving, supporting, and educating American precision tool manufacturers and their pursuit of competitiveness in world markets.

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