British Standard Pipe Screw Threads

By: Wayne Meulendyk

Posted: 4/27/2020
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BSP (British Standard Pipe) are pipe screw threads are common in many places around the earth because of the colonial structure of England but have limited use I the USA. There is much confusion related to the BSP screw thread. There are reasons for this confusion.

There is general confusion related to the BSP series in USA because the thread type is not in common use in America. This thread type has features not common with American Screw Threads. The BSP screw thread design is slightly different than what is considered standard in USA.

There is worldwide confusion because the nomenclature for the threads has changed over the years of its existence. It has been called BSPM BSPP BSPT and just BSP. The current designations are G-series or R-series (which includes: R, Rc, Rp, and Rs).

Further confusion is created when countries, like Japan, have developed their own country specifications using the BSP thread and creating a completely new nomenclature for the thread. They even came up with a slightly different gage design.

Alternate Assembly Variations exist where instead of a conical thread screws into a conical mate; some conditions require a parallel screw thread to be screwed into a tapered mate.

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