Medical Small-Bore Connector Gauges

By: Wayne Meulendyk

Posted: 4/23/2020
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The Medical Small-Bore Connector Gage market is small, so not too many people will be interested to read this, but you may be the lucky exception.

Medical Small-Bore Connectors are heavily controlled devices defined in international specifications such as: ISO-80369; ISO-594 (obsolete); ISO-18250; ISO 5356-1; and many more.

Gage Crib Worldwide Inc. has become involved in these tools because they include a screw thread which needs to be tested. Our involvement began small, but we have now become one of the major players in this very small market.

Gage Crib Worldwide Inc. will be able to assist you with testing Medical Small-Bore Connectors by supplying the tools which you need to comply with stringent medical requirements. These tools include: Gages; Reference Connectors; and Test Machines.

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