Screw Thread Gages

By: Wayne Meulendyk

Posted: 4/23/2020
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Screw Thread Gauges are tools which will test a manufactured screw thread. They are simple tools which provide a quick GO/NOGO evaluation of a produced screw thread. They can be used at-the-machine while the screw thread is being made to assure that when it is completed it will be within the industrial defined limits and assure its compatibility with its mating part.

Screw Threads are defined buy myriad industrial specifications. Most countries have their own specifications and the ISO (International Standards Organization) have their versions. The various specifications defining the screw threaded products are mostly interchangeable within any screw thread form. Screw thread gages vary depending on if you are in USA or are in the rest of the world and are also defined buy myriad industrial specifications.

We at Gage Crib Worldwide Inc. can help you navigate the myriad specifications to select the right tool for your particular screw thread gage requirement. Contact us. We are waiting to give you assistance.

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